Ischnura elegans (Vander Linden, 1820)
Lantaarntje Common Bluetail (Blue-tailed Damselfly) L: 30 - 34 mm
Relevant Dutch literature (Eng. summary)   Lantaarntje eiafzet in stromend water

Lantaarntje man Adult (male), Assen, Drenthe, July 6, 2006
Lantaarntje man kleur verandering borststuk Young adult (male), Assen, Drenthe, June 16, 2006. Note the color transfomation from green to blue.
Lantaarntje vrouw rufescens

young adult (female) form rufescens, Annermoeras, Drenthe, June 14, 2006

Lantaarntje vrouw infuscans-obsoleta Adult (female) form infuscans-obsoleta, Bronckhorst, Overijssel, August, 2007
Lantaarntje vorm violacea

Young adult (female) form violacea, Assen, Drenthe, June 6, 2008

Lantaarntje paring Adults (female form infuscans), Weerwille, Drenthe, August 12, 2007
Transformation of color forms rufescens & violacea of female Ischnura elegans to infuscans-obsoleta and infuscans. 
Lantaarntje eiafzet in stromend water

Ovipositing in streaming water, Loon, Drenthe, July, 2008

Is trying to oviposit, See video

Habitat: Abundant at running and especially standing waters, tolerant of some salinity but avoids acid habitats such as Spagnum bogs.

Distribution: One of the most abundant and common species of the Netherlands.

Flight season: From May to September

Status: Not endangered