Lestes sponsa (Hansemann, 1823)
Gewone pantserjuffer Common Spreadwing (Common Emarald Damselfly) L: 35 - 39 mm
Relevant Dutch Literature (Eng. Summary)

Gewone pantserjuffer man Adult (male), Weerribben, Overijssel, August 5, 2007

Adult (male), Den Helder, Noord-Holland, August 22, 2005

Gewone pantserjuffer man Adult (male), Borger, Drenthe, August 23, 2007

Adult (female),  Taarlo, Drenthe, July 6, 2006

Adult (female) with rare blue pruinose thorax, Taarlo, Drenthe, August 17, 2004

Adult (male & female), Taarlo, Drenthe, July 12, 2005
Adult (male & female), Uffelter Binnenveld, Drenthe, August 5, 2006

Habitat: Almost any standing water with upright stems of reeds, rushes and other emergent vegetation on the boggy surrounds to a lake, pond or canal.

Distribution:  Widely distributed in almost the country

Status: One of the most common  species in the Netherlands