Cordulegaster boltonii (Donovan, 1807)
Gewone bronlibel Common goldenring (Golden-ringed Dragonfly)  L: 74 - 80 mm
Relevant Dutch literature (Eng. summary)   Gewone bronlibel Argentat France

Gewone bronlibel man

Adult (male), Liesjoki, Finland, July 11, 2007

Adult (male), Camping (Luzeret), France. July 19, 2001
Gewone bronlibel eiafzet

Adult (female) ovipositing, Argentat, France, July 23, 2009

See video (Gerard Abbingh)


Habitat:  Clean and often shaded little streams with sandy bottom

Vlodrop, Limburg, The Netherlands, 22 July , 2006 

Distribution: Only two populations remain in the province of Limburg

Flight season: End of May to September

Status: Endangered (Red List)