Sympetrum flaveolum (Linneaus, 1758)
Geelvlekheidelibel Yellow-winged Darter L: 32 - 37 mm
Relevant Dutch literature (Eng. summary)    


Adult (male), Den Helder, Noord-Holland, August, 1999

Geelvlekheidelibel territoriaal Adult (male), Borger, Drenthe, July 28, 2008
Geelvlekheidelibel man Adult (male), Borger, Drenthe, July 28, 2008
Geelvlekheidelibel vrouw Adult (female), Drouwen, Drenthe,  September 5, 2006
Geelvlekheidelibel vrouw

Adult (female), Papenvoort, Drenthe,  August, 2008

Geelvlekheidelibel tandem Adult male and female, Borger, Drenthe,  July 28, 2008
Geelvlekheidelibel paringswiel

Adult (male & female), Borger, Drenthe, September 6, 2005

Habitat: Drying out habitats in summer are favourite like heathpoles and dunevalleys.

Distribution: Its present is dependent of influxes from the east. 

Flight Season: End of June to begin November. Most abundant in July and August.

Status: Common in The Netherlands.